I can see light in the darkness

I woke up today feeling overwhelmed about work, babies, and generally my life. Like any other day, I sat down and thought, when is it going to get any easier, you know. Do you ever have that feeling that you are juggling too much but cannot see the fruits of your work, maybe because you have a lot of expectations or were hoping to have achieved so much more? We, humans, are wired to complain, but I have come to realize that I have so much to be grateful for, I have a job, supportive family, etc. Many cases are being highlighted on national news and social media pages, on how people are suffering especially during this COVID-19 pandemic period. Jobs have been lost, and businesses closed, there has been quite a significant impact on people’s livelihoods.

I remember a case highlighted on the National news about a mother who put some stones to boil in a pan and covered it to make the children think food is cooking, as a way of calming them down since they kept crying of hunger. The mother did not know what else to do. The neighbors could not do much to help since they were in the same predicament. The children calmly and patiently waited for the ‘food’ until they were too tired and fell asleep. I cried when this story was highlighted because, as a parent, I put myself in her shoes and could not imagine my kids going hungry.

This post is to encourage those going through hard times, I may not be able to offer you solutions, but I can give you a word of encouragement. Even when the days seem dire and bleak, faith, hope, and love will carry us through. If we don’t hold on to faith and hope, then mental anguish will be the end of us. I know most people will ask what is there to be hopeful about, but there is so much more to life.

One thing that inspires me is the random act of kindness. In these times, we should be our brother’s keeper. If you have enough resources, share a meal with a neighbor, friend, or stranger who might be going through a lot. Just one simple meal can make a difference to a family. My parents are farmers, and I remember this one time when they brought food supplies for my family, and I felt I had to share. There is a widowed woman who had lost her job and was now trying to get daily labor jobs of washing clothes, but this was not going too well for her because, during this time, people don’t want strangers in their houses for fear of COVID infections. She could not travel to her rural home because of the cessation of movement. It’s also funny how most people think that going back to a rural home will solve all problems; it depends on how much support you have back home. I called this lady and requested her to come to my house to pick a few supplies. I didn’t think this was going to be a big deal but seeing her reaction when she collected the supplies was enough inspiration for me that day. I thought if we all shared what we have during this time, it would go a long way toward helping those in dire situations.

A Lot of people are suffering from mental anguish during this period. Even though you don’t have enough resources to share, a word of encouragement and emotional support can heal a soul. When you give emotional support, you are showing the person that they are not alone, and this is bound to have a positive touch on their psychological health. Be encouraged because all this anguish shall pass.

We shall overcome. Better days are coming.

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