How cellphones are slowly killing family relationships

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While smartphones are regarded as a must-have in most parts of the world, this technology is having an adverse effect on interpersonal relationships. It is slowly driving family members apart. The rate of cellphone addiction is increasing. We can no longer sit down as a family and have conversations. It is now becoming a norm to spend family time on cell phones. Most parents are busy during the day and have the evenings to spend quality time with their children. However, currently, most of us use this free time to catch up on social media, and we end up not spending quality family time. 

A walk on these social media streets, and you will realize that one constant complaint from people on most of the parenting groups is how the husband or wife does not communicate and is always on the phone. This can be quite an irritating behavior to your partner, and it will slowly drive one away. The impact of cellphones on families is undermined, but it is certainly one big problem. 

So how do you ensure you avoid this problem in your family? I will give you an example of how my family and I are doing it. So my husband has always been complaining that I spend too much time on my cell phone, and I agree, I used to constantly check WhatsApp messages, work emails, catch up on FB e.t.c. I also had two friends who I used to get rides with while going to or leaving work, and they would comment that I love my phone too much. I didn’t realize that I was overdoing it until my husband repeatedly complained about it. 

So nowadays, in the evenings, we ensure that we spend quality time with our toddlers. During the few hours, we decided that this will be a no-cell phone time, so no one is allowed to engage in their cell phone unless it’s attending to essential phone calls. We are now able to engage our toddlers more as they are at a crucial stage and need more attention since they are just learning how to speak. This has increased our bonding time as a family. It also gives our nanny time to relax, as spending a whole day with two toddlers can be quite tiring. 

With cellphones, it is easy to lose track of time, and it is also plain rude to keep your phone at hand at all times, even when surrounded by people. You may think your relationship with your spouse or children is intact, but it will eventually affect how you relate. Let us spend more time having conversations and less time on our cell phones. Let us strive to find the right balance. 

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