My Travel Bucket List

I am not widely traveled, but this Kenyan girl has got to dream. I hope the dreams translate to reality. I want to be one of those people who flood the Wanderlust Diaries group with my travel escapades. Here goes my travel bucket list, let us take a virtual tour:

Loisaba Conservancy

Photo for illustration purposes. Image from

Did you know that Kenya was ranked as the World’s Best Safari Destination during the Annual World Travel Awards in 2019? It makes sense that I start with a domestic destination. Loisaba sits on about 57,000 acres and connects Laikipia, Samburu and Isiolo counties. With such a view, who wouldn’t want to watch the sunset at such comfort. I checked the price of the camps on Trip Advisor and men, I hope my dreams are valid. This is an ideal place to take a break with my better half; I hope we get to do this. I need this type of vacation after two years of running around after my twin toddlers; I am almost losing my vocals. 

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Image from

There is a reason why Victoria Falls is ranked as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. This is beautiful scenery worth seeing. The endless cover of water is simply breathtaking. I have seen photos of people swimming at the edge of the Devil’s pool. I think there is a reason why it’s called the Devil’s Pool. I intend to live to 100 plus years; I would not want to tempt the Devil. I’ll stick to sightseeing and taking photos. I know someone is wondering, where is the fun in that? 

Undersea Restaurants in the Maldives

Photo for illustration purposes. Image from

Picture yourself enjoying dinner with the view of marine life through a glass ceiling, magical, right? I would especially love to dine at the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. The photo tells it all. 

Helsinki and Lapland in Finland

Photo for illustration purposes. Image from

I virtually love Finland because it is known to be a child-friendly destination. I want to take my kids to Lapland, which is home to Santa Claus Village. This destination is purely inspired by the longing to travel with my kids.  

Siam Park, Spain

Photo for illustration purposes.

This is an ideal family holiday destination that kids would particularly enjoy, known for its thrill rides, slides, and architectural attraction. If you love traveling with kids, then this is your go-to place. 

Did you notice how my travel bucket list favors water spots? A girl does not know how to swim. This village girl will learn 🙂 .

I am doing some research on local and global travel destinations that one can visit on a shoestring budget, if you know what I mean, not too expensive. Drop me an email, comment or, hit my inbox if you know of such places. It will help some of us who would love to travel but can’t afford the luxury safaris. Backpacking ideas will also be great.

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