An open letter to my dad on Father’s day

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I thought of you today. Scratch that, I think of you every day. Today is just a special appreciation day for fathers. I hope you realize how exceptionally special you are. I am definitely one lucky girl to have you as my father.

Growing up, I remember the dedication you had and still have to your family. You sacrificed a lot and provided all that we needed. You continue to provide for us at our time of need.

God chose you to be my dad. You have always held my hand and showed me love. You have been beside me through all my life achievements and challenges. My most significant memory is your support during the beginning of my motherhood journey. You visited my babies and me every day in the hospital, and you even played babysitting duties when I brought the babies home for the December holiday, they were just one month old. You went the extra mile to step in when things were difficult, and you ensured my family had everything. The journey at the beginning was tough, but you were there through it all. I will forever remain grateful for your support. If not for the family support I received, I would be telling a different story of depression.

As time flies, I hope that when you look at my siblings and me, you will feel proud of our achievements and the impact your parenting ways has had on us. We are grateful that you are mummy’s better half; she is a wonderful woman who deserves the best. Thank you for being by her side all these years.

We feel blessed to have you, and we are grateful to God each day for your presence. We are all adults now, and each of your children is proud to have gifted you with grandchildren. We can all tell how the birth of your first two grandchildren from my sisters changed you, you became softer and a doting grandpa. Your five grandchildren are lucky to have you as their grandpa. I hope my brother and sisters will give you more grandchildren. As for me, that chapter may as well be closed 🙂

Thank you daddy, for being you. May you age with grace.


Your last born

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