A review of my Top Five Online Shopping Sites and Apps in Kenya

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E-commerce, with the help of technology, has revolutionized how we shop. Currently, businesses do not have to set up physical shops. There are thriving businesses operating solely online, and Kenyans have quickly picked up on this trend. With COVID-19 here with us, you might find this article useful.

I have compiled a list of my top five online shopping sites and apps based on the experience I have had:

  1. gobeba.com

This has to be my best online shopping platform so far. My friend recommended this site, and I can attest here that this is a reliable shopping site. The company does not have an app, so you have to purchase through the website. What I love about this online site is that they can deliver within the same day you have ordered. The last time shopped on gobeba was two weeks ago when I needed some supplies that I would use to make dinner. I ordered on a Sunday morning, and by the afternoon of the same day, the delivery was done.

Additionally, If you can’t find something on their site, you can send them the specifications of what you need; and the item will be purchased. Another advantage is that if they cannot find the specific brand you want, the shopping agent will call to inform you and give you the available options. Its an easy, user-friendly, and reliable site.

2. Mydawa app

Mydawa app is a reliable shopping app for medical prescriptions and supplements. They also deal with beauty products and diapers. They deliver on the same day if you place your order early in the morning. However, for orders placed from mid-day, you may get the delivery done the next day.

While this app is reliable in terms of deliveries, the app has a lot of errors. Sometimes, when you use the search button, you get errors, and sometimes it may fail to show your order history. I had one of these errors, and I reached out to the team on the app chat, and they resolved my issue on the same day. They need to update this app and find a solution to this. It would also be a plus for them to add more products.

3. AliExpress

Although this is a global shopping site, it carries a lot of ‘shipping to Kenya’ products. I have not used this app off late, so I am not sure if there have been updates. I last used this app shopping for baby items in 2018. For the first time using this app, I selected cheap products with very minimal shipping fees so that I wouldn’t lose much in case of no delivery. The delivery was done, and I shopped a second time for a phone case, which cost about one hundred and fifty shillings and some more baby items. The deliveries were done through POSTA. I selected items that would be delivered in small packages.

One significant development is that AliExpress integrated Mpesa payment in its online shopping platform. This makes it easier for Kenyans to shop.

The downside to this app is that delivery may not be fast, so if you are shopping, don’t buy items that are urgently required.

4. vituzote.com

As their name depicts, they have a variety of products ranging from home decor, bath products, kitchen, and dining products. This is where I bought my first bakeware two years ago. They are reliable and deliver to your address of choice. This is for kitchen lovers.

They have high quality of products. However, I feel they need to work on more friendly prices.

5. Jumia

I have mixed feelings about this online platform. The company started well. I have used Jumia several times. My most pleasant time while using this platform when it was still in its early years. The company is reliable and will deliver your products. However, I feel the quality of products has gone down. It may be because there are more suppliers or sellers on the platform, so they are not able to do quality checks. I don’t know what the issue is, but some sellers are not providing quality products as expected.

A significant development that they did is to add global vendors to the platform, which has given Kenyans a variety of product options and prices.


There are many Kenyans who believe that ‘seeing is believing.’ Well, there are market dynamics, and the internet is revolutionizing things. There will always be the risk of fraud, but the key to shopping online is to carry out due diligence checks before purchasing.

There are more shopping apps and online sites to shop from in Kenya. I would love to hear from you on additional reliable online shopping sites and apps.

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