As a parent, my most significant objective is to instill high self-esteem in my babies. I want my babies to approach the world with confidence. To value their worth and in doing so, have a high sense of self-worth, To know that they can achieve anything they set their eyes on and at the same time see that it is okay to fail and pick up the pieces, and try again. I want my children not to allow anyone to intimidate them or pull them down. I want them to grow to be respectful yet stand their ground.

What causes low self-esteem in children? Well, it begins with parents. Parents play an influential role in their children’s lives. When a parent is not supportive or repeatedly dwells on the child’s failure or weaknesses, the child will grow up believing that they are not good enough. One of the ways you can instill confidence in a child is by appreciating and celebrating any small achievement or milestones and encouraging them when they fail. My babies are 18 months, they are yet to speak, but I celebrate their little victories. If they finish their food, I clap and chant, “Yeee, that’s a good boy/girl,” and the amazing thing is that after I cheer them on, they too applaud while smiling.” They also know when mama says no, it means that’s a bad thing. This may seem like not so essential details, but to me, I believe you should start celebrating their achievements when they are still young. It builds confidence in them, and they strive to do better.

Building high self-esteem in a child is not an easy journey, but I am working hard at this. I pray to God to give me the wisdom to instill his ways in my babies.

If you are a parent, purpose to instill confidence in your children, it makes a big difference in their lives and their future.

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